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About Secure ChoicE




Our mission

is to help employees and their families to understand their benefits, retirement options, and coverage for a sound financial future. We work to educate employees on how to financially plan their futures, so both them and their families, will live a happy and prosperous life. Federal benefits and retirement can be quite complicated, as they contain many moving parts which are different for each and every employee. Understanding your coverage is vital to making those important decisions to protect your family’s future.
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Many employees make the mistake of not properly educating themselves on their finances, and in turn, lose out on much of their hard earned paychecks later on. Retirement should not be something lying in an unknown and feared realm, but rather a topic that you will be well educated on and look forwards to.

Here at Secure Choice, we will consult with each employee on their retirement and benefits as well as the desired coverage. We build a custom report for each employee at no cost. Our report breaks down all the employee information, and we also take the time to explain what each and every page means.

If you have a question or concern regarding your financial well-being, we have an answer and solution. We feel we allow the federal or postal employee one of the most valuable assets you can have when it comes to your finances……A SECURE FUTURE!