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Federal Employee Disability Insurance




Federal Employee Disability Insurance – Income Plus

Income Plus is a voluntary group disability policy specifically designed for federal employees to help cover everyday living expenses and pay the bills if you cannot work due to an accident or illness. This Disability Plan will pay you directly in addition to your sick/annual leave.

You never know when life will throw you unforeseen and inconvenient curveballs. This is why you need to be prepared for the unexpected, particularly when it comes to your finances. But, how do you prepare? What options are available?

While you may have health insurance, this will cover many of your medical expenses. You may also have an emergency savings account that can drain quickly if you are out of work for long periods of time. With disability insurance, you may pay a small premium every month. If these unforeseen accidents occur, you will then receive monetary benefits that you can use as needed to pay for your basic needs, or even for those many unpaid medical bills that your other insurance policies or saving accounts can’t cover.

See The Disability Plan Rates Below

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