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Hospitalization Cash Benefit Insurance






Add Hospital Cash to Your Health Plan

Cash benefits paid in addition to any other coverage you have!

Hospital cash plan pays money directly to you if you get hospitalized. It’s not easy to pay hospital bills, especially of you have a high deductible medical plan. With hospital cash, you can focus on your recovery instead of wondering how you are going to afford the bills. and since the cash goes directly to you, there are no restrictions on how you use your money.


  • As long as you are an active employee age 18 or older, you and your spouse/partner age 18 or older, and your kids through age 26 are eligible for coverage. No medical history is required. Even dependent grandchildren can be covered.
  • Your coverage will renew automatically as long as you are en eligible employee, premiums are paid as due, and your policy is in force. You can keep your coverage even if you change jobs while the policy is in force as long as you have been continuously covered for at least 12 months. Once ported, coverage will continue for 12 months as long as the policy remains in force and premiums are paid as due.
  • Pre-existing conditions have a 12 month look back/12 month limitation.
  • Benefits for pregnancy will be covered the same as a covered sickness
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